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Welded joint

All manufacfured and imported fittings of this company with different thicknessess in accordance with the standards and in the form of seamless and welded with diffrent materials ( A420 , A860 , A234 , S.S A240 , Duplex , Copper , inconel , ….) are available for answering the need of country

Elbow production from 1/4″ size to 1/8″ size by cold hydroforming method and stock from 3/4″ size to 60″ at an angel of (45,90,180) degrees are available.
 This company supply and manufacture Tee in 3/4″ size to 48″ and stock Tee according to standards and ministry of petroleum vendor list
maufacture cap and stubend in diffrent size (1/2″ to 48″)
تولید و ساخت کفرینگ و کپ از سایز ½ الی ۴۸ اینچ به صورت استاندارد
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