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About us

Steelco trading industrial production group with over 20 years of experience in producting and supplying stainless  steel,alloys and superalloys supplies works in the  oil،gas،refining and petrochemical industries.This company is dedicated to providing unique services due to the county´s sanctions and with the special equipments and the possibility of high capacity production and the considera ble cost  helping national production boom and preventing  foreign currency from leaving the country and fast supply of oil  industry components and equipment it has been producing and storing a substantial volume of items in its warehouses located in Tehran
Diffrent valves such as:globe valve,plug valve,gate valve,ball valve,butterfly valve ,…. in diffrent size and brands such as LVF(Italy) BAC (Spain) POYAM (Spain) KITZ (Japan) OMB (Italy) JC (Spain) DOGLAS CHERO (Italy) KPS (Korea) BONNY FORGE (Italy) GOOD WIN (England) AIL( India ) Diffrent fittings in diffrent sizes and material (stainless steel،carbon steel,alloy,supperalloy ) in diffrent brands such as: ERNE(Austria)SLOK,SKB(Korea)،T(Taiwan)،BENKAN (Japan)،BSL(France)،BUTTING(Germany)،TENARIS( Argentina )
Pipes and tubes in diffrenf sizes and materials such as(stainless steel,carbon steel،alloy,super alloy in diffrent brands such as: SAND WEEK ( Sweden) BLACKMANN (united state) N STEEL (korea) Control and instruments equipment with diffrent brands such as: (HONEY WELL (Austria) ENDRESS HAUSER ( Swiss)،ROSE MOUNT (United State)،YOKOGAWA (Japan)،STRAHMAN ( France) Electrical parts and equipment with European brands : FLC, CONTROL BOX،ALUMINUM CONDUIT،ALUMINUM CONDUIT،SOCKET & PLUGS،CABLE GLAND،GLAND ACCESSORIES,REDUCERS & STOPPING PLUGS,ADAPTORS,FLUORESCENT,JUNCTION BOX Spiral wound gasket and ring  and sheet gaskets in diffrent sizes and materials with diffrent brands such as:KLINGER (England)،SEVAL(Italiy) Stud bolts in diffrent sizes and materials.
This company by using specialized and experienced technical and commercial forces in a new and specialized way provides consulting design and constration of required services in the public and privute sectors.

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